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Centre Blockchain de Catalunya aims to promote the adoption of digital assets and decentralized technologies (DLTs) in Catalonia through digital dissemination and literacy, not only among each and every one of the industrial sectors but also, and without exception, among those actors, individual or collective, private or institutional, potentially concerned.

Promotes, explains, and educates about blockchain technology, current application cases, and future possibilities. And, also, it wants to serve as a pole of development, and a link between the local and global communities, of a highly innovative ecosystem, which pushes economic and technological growth, and projects Catalonia as a digital actor in the international sphere.



Blockchain technology is recent. It provides tools of great transformative capacity, unknown until recently. It is based on a permanent, immutable and secure registry, which guarantees transactions in a decentralized manner. It dispenses, therefore, with any mediator or central body.

The database is distributed and encrypted, so the information it contains is both transparent and incorruptible. Usage applications are already a reality in different sectors, providing confidence and efficiency wherever they are implemented. The blockchain is the platform on which other new generation technologies will converge and which will make possible an agile and complete digital transformation.



The Democracy4all international conference has been held annually since 2019. It brings together talent, experts and policymakers to share and discuss the latest advances in technology and regulation. Its orientation makes it a unique event in the world because it focuses on the use of the blockchain as an instrument of democratic improvement in terms of social, corporate and individual governance. It offers Catalonia the opportunity to host the most important international conclave for political actors and institutions everywhere, and contributes to speeding up the dialogue between government bodies and new technologies.

The imprint of the conference also reaches the ecosystem as a whole. A space has been set up for local and international partners to hold their own events around the conference, under the umbrella of Barcelona Blockchain Week.


Obrir Girona

Obrir Girona project aims to develop a pilot test within the city of Girona in order to test a system of certifications of vaccinations and Covid19 tests that would allow a person to be credited with having greater security (less likely to become infected and to infect other people) in moving, participating in events, buying, going to restaurants or other activities that were daily before the pandemic.

This project is possible by keeping personal data privacy and in a secure and immutable way thanks to blockchain technology, which allows the user to be solely responsible for their data and cannot be altered.



CBCat carries out lobbying actions in favor of the interests of the Catalan blockchain industry.

Works for:

  • To make Catalonia known as a blockchain-friendly country and a good location to set up international businesses and blockchain projects.
  • Attract talent for our companies.
  • Study in depth and treasure knowledge on how blockchain platforms are developing in the world, and particularly in Asia, and establish institutional and business connections.



Institutions such as the World Economic Forum – WEF, and companies such as PWC and Gartner have published studies with forecasts of an increase of up to 4% of world GDP between 2030-40, thanks to the contribution of the blockchain. The extrapolation of these figures allows us to glimpse a huge potential in Catalonia. However, the economic impact of the ecosystem is still low despite having a high growth potential. The Catalan business fabric in the blockchain sector is emerging, basically made up of micro-companies, the vast majority of which are less than 5 years old.

CBCat works to:

  • Contact startups and investors-
  • Boost the ecosystem with regular forums and job boards.
  • Bridging the gap between academic research and industry. Sponsoring training courses to consolidate talent.
  • Promote the creation of private blockchains and common infrastructure.



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